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Teen Wolf Big Bang
Welcome to the TeenWolf Big Bang! The purpose of this challenge is to bring together authors and artists to create a completed work of fic and art, featuring the characters of the tv series Teen Wolf. Over the next few months, authors will write a 5000(min) word fic, and artists will create art/videos/graphics/fanmixes to go with it. As long as one or two or more characters of the show is the focus of your work, everything else is fair game!So if you want to write a Sterek/AL/TJR crossover feel free to do so. ;p

by qafmaniac


Your mods are leela_cat, valress and qafmaniac and if you have any questions/comments you can PM the mods, or email us at teenwolfbang@gmail.com

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Rules, guidelines and other information modified from lambliffbigbang, cockbertbigbang and tjrbigbang


The Rules:

Authors and artists will collaborate to produce works centered around the characters of Teen Wolf. Authors will write 5,000-word+ fic of any genre, and artists will create art to go along with it.

For Authors:
- Your fic must be at least 5,000 words long. It must be written specifically for this TW Big Bang challenge and posted nowhere else prior to the start of posting dates. In the case of WIPs, which are allowed, 5,000 words must be written for the challenge, and the same rules apply.

- You may write more than one fic, so long as each is at least 5,000 words long.

- You may co-write a fic, however, in that case, your fic must be at least 7,500 words long.

- Everyone can be paired with who ever you like. Male with male or female with female or female with male. Original male characters, original female characters, fictional characters, celebrities, athletes, etc are all allowed.

- Your fic must be betaed. There will be beta sign-ups, so in the event that you have difficulty finding one, you can choose from there.

- Your fic must have warnings, if applicable.

- There will be two author check-ins which are not mandatory, but recommended.

- There will be a summary deadline (which is mandatory) so that we can set up the artist claiming post.

- Summaries should be submitted to teenwolfbang@gmail.com.

- Specifics will be addressed in subsequent posts.

For Artists:
- Your art may be any style of art, be it photoshop, painting, drawing, fanmixes, etc., in forms such as banners, dividers, icons, etc.

- You must submit at least one piece of artwork for the fic you claim.

- After claiming your fic, you must be in communication with your author.

- There will be a artist check-in which is not mandatory, but recommended.

- Your artwork must be completed by the author's posting date.

- There will be a limit of one artist per story, unless we have a surplus of artists.

- There'll also be a limit of one story per artist, unless we have a surplus of authors...which is more than likely. ;-)

Your Mods